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To beat COVID-19, EVERYONE needs to be involved. Mask wearing and hand washing are important. But what if you can’t understand expert information? Phrases such as “confirmed cases” or “quarantine” may seem clear. But these same phrases can be a challenge to understand by every country’s huge populations of: 

  • non-native language speakers
  • people with low literacy
  • cognitive disabilities
  • the Deaf

Our Goal

A healthier and safer world by helping everyone understand COVID-19 information.

The Problem

COVID-19 websites of every country are not:

  • easy to understand; and
  • usable by the blind and other people with physical disabilities.

Our Solution

EZCOVID-19 is a worldwide effort to provide easy-to-understand COVID-19 health information (text) that is usable by everyone.

We will build a website with COVID-19:

  • information from every country’s government websites
  • text we simplify so it is easy to understand  
  • text to speech so people can listen to text
  • images and videos to help people understand text

Our Team

Our Team includes people with disabilities and people from several countries (7 so far!). We will soon recruit thousands of people from all over the world to simplify COVID-19 information published in every country’s national language.

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